The history of the 8th Infantry begins in 1895. Below is a detailed listing of the units lineage.

........Date......... ..............................Event.........................................
4 Nov 1895 Organized in the Illinois National Guard as 9th Battalion, Infantry , at Chicago
28 Jun 1898 Expanded and redesignated as 9th Regiment of Infantry, Illinois Volunteers
22 Jul 1898 Mustered into Federal service at Springfield as 8th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
3 Apr 1899 Mustered out of Federal service at Chicago
18 Apr 1899 Reorganized as 9th Infantry Battalion
6 May 1899 Redesignated as 8th Infantry Battalion
1902 Expanded, reorganized, and redesignated as 8th Infantry
30 Jun 1916 Mustered into Federal service for service on the Mexican border
27 Oct 1916 Mustered out.
5 Aug 1917 Drafted into Federal service.
1 Dec 1917 Reorganized and redesignated as 370th Infantry, an element of the 93rd Division
11 Mar 1919 Demobilized at Camp Grant, Illinois.
1919-1921 Reorganized as 8th Infantry
22 Aug 1921 Headquarters Federally recognized at Chicago
6 Oct 1940 Converted, reorganized, and redesignated as 184th Field Artillery.
6 Jan 1941 Inducted into Federal service at Chicago
6 Jan 1943 Regiment broken up and element disbanded or reorganized and redesignated as follows: Headquarters and Headquarters Battery and Band disbanded; 1st Battalion as 930th Field Artillery Battalion; 2nd Battalion as 931st field Artillery Battalion
28 Feb 1944 930th Field Artillery Battalion converted, reorganized, and redesignate as 1699th Engineer Combat Battalion
25 Sep 1945 1699th Engineer Combat Battalion Inactivated in Germany
20 Mar 1944 931st Field Artillery Battalion converted, reorganized, and redesignated as 1698th Engineer Combat Battalion.
25 Sep 1945 1698th Engineer Combat Battalion inactivated in Germany
25 Aug 1945 Headquarters and Headquarters Battery and Band, 184th Field Artillery reconstituted.
1947 Elements of former 184th Field Artillery converted, consolidated, expanded, and redesignated as 178th Infantry and as 184th Field Artillery Battalion, 1698th Engineer Combat Company, and 154th Army Band
31 Mar 1947 178th Infantry reorganized and Federally recognized at Chicago
1 Mar 1959 Reorganized as a parent regiment under the Combat Arms Regimental system, to consist of 1st Battle Group, 178th Infantry
1 Apr 1963 178th Infantry and 184th Artillery consolidated and consolidated unit designated as 178th Infantry, a parent regiment under the Combat Arms Regimental System, to consist of 1st and 2nd battalions
1 Feb 1968 Reorganized to consist of the 1st Battalion, concurrently, 1st battalion assigned to the 47th Infantry Division


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